Custom fitting is for everyone from beginner to professional players. All player skill levels can benefit from being fitted for golf clubs. Having the correct clubs best suited for your game is something everyone can take advantage of. As players progress the fittings will move into more specific items seeking improvement, Not using the correct length and lie angle alone can be hindering your game due to a swing compensation as a result of ill-fitted clubs.
The standard turn around for custom fitted clubs to arrive at your local Golf Town is 10 business days. This can vary by vendor and store location in proximity to where the clubs are being built.
There are a number of modifications that you can make to a set of current year inline clubs that do not come with a $ up-charge. You can often change shaft type, shaft length, club lie angle, grip style for no extra fee. This is called custom no cost up-charge options. They are vendor options that are not the stock option from the manufacturer. It can become more expensive if you venture into the custom up-charge shafts. These fees range per vendor.
Your swing could be made more consistent through custom fitting adjustments. Typically golfers see inconsistent results but the swings are very similar. The inconsistent results are usually from hitting the club on different parts of the club. A shot hit off the heel versus a shot hit off the toe of the club will produce very different results but the swing didn't drastically change.
More consistent ball flight is what everyone is after. Results of fitting are based on making the current results more optimal with custom adjustments. All of these adjustments are aimed at making all clubs perform better for the golfer. When you can start to see a more reliable pattern of ball flight your confidence goes up and scores will start to drop. Club Fitting is the easiest way to drop your score without changing your swing.
The most common time to get fitted for clubs is in the offseason. Swings do change over the offseason. It is recommended to get fitted when you feel most comfortable. It is great to get fit during the offseason and early season to give you some time to get used to your new clubs. It is never a bad time to get fitted to check in and see if there are any improvements that can be made from your current clubs.