Play your best golf with custom clubs

The main reason to get custom fit for clubs is simple – it provides you with the best opportunity to play up to your potential. We all know how hard it is to shave strokes off your golf game, and playing with clubs that are not suited to your swing can actually accentuate a swing flaw, instead of making your bad shots better and helping your good shots become great shots. Even simple adjustments like having the proper shaft length, grip size, or lie angle can make a world of difference as you’re staring down an approach shot on the 18th trying to knock it close. Custom fitting benefits golfers at every level – from beginner to tour pro. Simply put – custom fit golf clubs help you play your best golf. Period.

Premium Club Fitting Services Menu

All premium club fittings are conducted by our Master Club Fitters using the Foresight GCQuad™. All of our Master Club Fitters are certified by a comprehensive process created by a PGA of Canada Class A Master Fitter. This process takes a brand agnostic approach to fitting. Each brand has its own specific fitting process and we are utilizing our own steps to streamline this.


  • Tuning your new driver for your specific swing
  • Measurement of your unique ball launch data
  • Recommendations for optimal results

Fairways & Hybrids

  • Bridging the gap from your longest iron to your woods
  • Uses launch monitor data to recommend the ideal club
  • Hit more greens in two from farther away from the green


  • Finding the best clubs for the turf interaction that you require
  • Dial in your numbers to hit more greens
  • Get only the clubs that you need


  • Matching the correct lofted wedges to your style of play
  • Bounce recommendation and shaft weight match up
  • Gap Fitting to blend your wedges to your irons

Full Bag

  • Top to bottom look at your entire set including putter
  • Every specification is measured to ensure the best results from all clubs
  • All clubs will perform like your favourite club


  • The most used club needs some attention too
  • Foresight Quad provides an in-depth look at your stroke
  • Find the best matching putter to your stroke type


  • Dial in your yardages with your current clubs
  • Identify if there are any yardage gaps in your bag
  • Adjust club lofts to improve distance gaps